Alex Mitchell

“LSD: Dream Emulator” fan-translation released

An English fan-translation has been released for experimental cult-classic “LSD: Dream Emulator”. Originally sold in 1998 for the Playstation, LSD has remained a Japanese exclusive even after its re-release on the Playstation Network in 2010. A bizarre curio for collectors and importers, LSD could be described broadly as an early entry in the “Walking Simulator” genre, although leaving it at that really undersells its unique cultural and artistic properties.

Fortunately, programmer Mr.Nobody has developed a patch that uses translations from Arcanearia and the LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki to give English-speaking audiences their first chance at experiencing a game that has been a fascination for over two decades. The patch is formatted as a PPF, and needs to be applied to a properly dumped copy of LSD with a utility like PPF-o-Matic. For information about LSD: Dream Simulator and its development, YouTube channel DidYouKnowGaming did a great episode of Region Locked about it in 2016: