Rany Battikh

DCHDMI Firmware 4.3

The team of Citrus3000psi and Chriz2600 just released a new firmware update for the digital-to-digital Dreamcast video output solution, the DCHDMI. Although the list of improvements/new features is small this time around, the ability to adjust the gamma setting is an excellent new addition. One scenario I could think of where this new option shines […]


DCHDMI Firmware Split

Christof has just released two new firmwares for the DCHDMI and has split future firmware updates:  All “standard” firmwares will be 100% up to HDMI specs and will work on all TV’s.  “Relaxed” firmwares will have slightly off-spec HDMI timings that may or may not be compatible with your display…however these “relaxed timings” allow for more […]


DCHDMI Round 4 Pre-Orders Opened

Citrus3000psi has opened another round of Dreamcast HDMI DCHDMI kit pre-orders at https://shop.dansprojects.com/dchdmi-pre-order.html   I just opened round 4 DCHDMI pre-orders: https://t.co/3unjEwde33 Round 3 pre-orders will go into fab once I receive & program ESP modules (2 week estimate). Round 1 orders being assembled and will ship to me this week. Round 2 fab started […]


Dreamcast HDMI / DC on flat-screen’s

Here’s a full review of the DCHDMI!  The video also goes into detail about all solutions for DC on a flat-screen, as well as describes some of the issues with the DC’s signal.  For more information and the most up-to-date links, please check out the main Dreamcast page:  https://www.retrorgb.com/dreamcast.html   DCHDMI used in tournament:  https://kotaku.com/an-old-school-marvel-vs-capcom-2-throwdown-was-the-bes-1831415905