DCHDMI Firmware Split

Christof has just released two new firmwares for the DCHDMI and has split future firmware updates:  All “standard” firmwares will be 100% up to HDMI specs and will work on all TV’s.  “Relaxed” firmwares will have slightly off-spec HDMI timings that may or may not be compatible with your display…however these “relaxed timings” allow for more room in the FPGA for additional features:

v3.0.0 (Relaxed) firmware Features

  • Filtered upscaling (HQ2X).
  • 480i bob deinterlacing fixed for 960p/1080p output
  • RGB color space selection: auto/full/limited

All DCHDMI owners should first update to v2.3.0 (Standard), then decide which is right for them.  In my opinion, you should give it a try and see what happens – If your TV isn’t compatible, just flash back to standard.

For more info on the DCHDMI, check out the video below!


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