Rany Battikh

DCHDMI Firmware 4.1

Chriz2600 just released a new firmware for the DCHDMI. With this new update, users can now navigate the OSD with their arcade stick of choice; that’s a significant feature as a sizable portion of the DC’s library consists of 2d beat-em-ups and shoot-em-ups, 2 genres that are best enjoyed with an arcade stick (during gameplay, press Y + B + Z + C + Start to conveniently access the OSD).

In addition to listing the latest firmware newest options, Chriz2600 just added a new documentation on github detailing the different LED blinking patterns.

Here’s a brief list of what’s been added in firmware 4.1:

The full list and new information about updating the firmware over wifi can be accessed through the following github link: https://github.com/chriz2600/DreamcastHDMI/blob/develop/README.md