Retro Castle MiSTer Kits + New Dual RAM Models

If you choose to use a case and I/O kit to run your MiSTer FPGA setup, my personal favorite has been the Retro Castle cases for a few years now.  I wanted to make a video highlighting why I think they perform the best, as well as showcase the new Dual-RAM models that the creator Ivory is about to release.  Dual-RAM compatible kits are open for pre-order through CastleMania Entertainment and both that store and Ivory’s Aliexpress store has stock (or should soon) of the Single-RAM versions:

Retro Castle (USA Seller):
Retro Castle (Main Page):
Aliexpress Store:

More MiSTer Info:
Saturn Cables*:
New MiSTer.ini File:
Retro Castle JAMMA:
Oscilloscope Info:
Kanto Ora Speakers:
Kuro’s DAC Analysis:
MiSTer MultiSystem:

*While RGB SCART cables that sync on csync are recommended, you can also use sync on luma cables by simply setting DIP #1 to On!

…and if you’d like more info on setting up your MiSTer, as well as building a custom arcade cabinet, these videos will help:

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