Atlantis – An $11 Mini-ITX MiSTer Board

I just tested a board that allows you to mount the MiSTer’s DE-10 Nano in a Mini-ITX form factor.  While there’s other MiniITX MiSTer kits available, there’s one specific thing about the Atlantis that sets it apart – It starts at $11.  Of course, most people would need a bit more – and I strongly recommend the $20 USB hub – but I love that this is an option!  More info and a livestream demoing it after the links:

Atlantis Kits:
More MiSTer Info:

My interest in the Atlantis started (as most MiSTer-related things do), when I heard about it on Lu’s MiSTer news.  See, I have some old Mini-ITX cases that I hoped to turn into a MiSTer, but wasn’t even sure if it would work (I went into the full boring story in the stream ;p).  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a full Mini-ITX solution without knowing for sure, so the price of the Atlantis was too good to pass up.  I got to talking with the team and their USB hub got me really excited:  It has both USB ports and internal USB pins.  That means I should be able to connect my front and rear USB ports…and it worked!

I was also hoping to wire my power button to the OSD button on my MiSTer kit – That worked too!  Now, I was using the internals of a Retro Castle MiSTer kit to do this…you can’t just wire a button to the DE-10.  But I still think many other people might have existing kits they may prefer to transfer over to a case like I did, so this may apply to you too!

Now Atlantis also has a ton of other stuff, like ATX power connectors, full cases, etc…so if you’re interested, have a look at their website and see if their kits fit your needs.  And if you want more info as to what I did, check out the (admittedly boring) livestream here:

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