HD15-2-SCART Adapter

The HD15-2-SCART is a device that’s both a sync combiner and connector adapter:  It routes the RGB signal from an HD-15 (VGA-style) connector and a 3.5mm audio jack to a SCART head.  Then, you have the option of combining H&V sync to csync, or just passing csync through a resistor to drop the voltage to SCART-safe levels.  So, basically, it’s a “VGA to SCART” adapter that does NOT change the resolution, only sync.  The most common uses would be connecting a Dreamcast’s VGA cable to the RetroTINK 5x, or interfacing 480p VGA signals to multisync professional video monitors.  Check out the video for more information:

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If you’re interested in other weird-but-cool adapters, check out the SCART Coupler video!  I use that one all the time!

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