Pre-Orders Open for RetroFighters Dreamcast Controller

Retro Fighters has just opened pre-orders on their upcoming controller for the Sega Dreamcast: While I’m excited there’s another controller choice for Dreamcast users, it’s important to remember how important controller quality is:  Your controller is your body’s interface between you and the game.  The ergonomics and quality of the controller play a major part in […]


GCVideo v3.0 Firmware Released

UPDATE:  v3.0a is now available to fix a bug.  The link below was updated to the new release. Ingo Korb aka Unseen has just released firmware version 3.0 for GCVideo-based devices.  This release aimed to fix the remaining video issues, as well as improve compatibility. One other impressive addition is the groundwork for future firmware […]

SNS-102 Controller Tear Down

I acquired a SNS-102 controller and wanted to do a teardown to see if there was anything special about this SNES controller vs the original SNS-005 controller. I only recently found out this controller existed after watching MLiG’s First Party Controllers video. Naturally when Try said there was something “different” about the controller I had to […]


Single-Flash 32Mbit Virtual Boy Cart

Kevin Mellott has just announced an updated version of his single flash carts.  These are designed for use with his custom programmer and are aimed at dev’s looking to sell their own homebrew. The carts feature 8kx8 SRAM, which means your savegame files will be stored after the Virtual Boy is powered off, without the need […]


Furrtek Demonstrates Decapping Process

Furrtek has just posted a video that gives us a glimpse into how he decaps his chips and how he begins his reverse-engineering process.  To anyone unfamiliar with this, please allow me to explain: In order to create accurate FPGA (hardware emulation) cores, you essentially need to recreate the original hardware in HDL (Hardware Description […]