XStation 3D Printed Mounts Now Available

3D printed mounts for the XStation ODE are now available to order from and the 3D print design is available for download: Purchase SD Mount: Download the design: I was able to test a beta version in my PlayStation and really liked it!  The color matches the original PS1 plastic very nicely and […]


Orpheus: The Ultimate Classic DOS Gaming PC Sound Card

The Orpheus sound card has entered production. It aims to be the ultimate ISA sound card for classic DOS computers, produced by the same group that makes the PCMIDI (Roland MPU-401 alternative) that we covered recently. Orpheus is feature packed and focused on perfect classic gaming PC compatibility. The card is based around the Crystal […]


Community Hosted YouTube Subtitles

While this post doesn’t directly relate to retro-gaming, it affects everyone in the community:  YouTube has recently announced that they’re removing support for community-submitted subtitles in video.  Their reasons are as follows: Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020. Community contributions allowed viewers to add closed captions, subtitles and title/descriptions […]


GBS-Control Cases & Complete Kits For Sale

Chipnetics Computing, makers of the Sync Slayer and other products have just released kits for the GBS-Control project.  Shipping starts at $15 to the US and Canada, with other countries being charged at the going shipping rates and the kit prices are as follows: $80 for a complete kit, including WiFi module, software installation, Clockgen […]


Save-Game-Copier project by slinga-homebrew

A developer going by the name “sling-homebrew” has created a save game manager for the Sega Saturn and provided it as open source on Github ( It’s still considered “Alpha” but already seems to be fully functional.  The developer used the Satiator fork of the Yabuse emulator to integrate Satiator support – giving owners of […]