SCART Snap Clamp

Kytor Industries is offering a $5, 3D-printed “brace” that holds SCART plug/receptacle connectors together.  If you’re using the exact SCART heads that match this design, it’s an excellent way to keep your console cable + SCART to BNC adapter (or something) from coming loose!  If not, it still might be a help (especially at that […]


MiSTer FPGA News – NARC, Truxton II, S-Video Adapters & More

PCXT Core – Hercules Support The PCXT Core has upgraded it’s MDA graphics support to Hercules graphics., but you still have the option to use CGA and Tandy graphics. Post : spark2k06 Github: spark2k06 support page: spark2k06 Twitter:   Arcade Game Organizer City41 on github developed an open source app that can download, filter and […]


NES to Famicom Adapter is now selling an adapter that lets you connect NES controllers to your Famicom’s expansion port.  This is compatible with controllers, as well as the Zapper light gun (with CRT’s of course)!!  It’s $12.50 plus shipping and in stock now.  There’s a short video of it in action below the link, as well as […]


Nuon Controller Adapter

Robert Dale Smith has opened pre-orders on a USB controller adapter for the Nuon – No purchase is necessary now, just submit your name and email, then Robert will email you when sales open.  The price will be $60 plus shipping and it’s due to ship this spring.  Since the price of original Nuon controllers […]


Weekly Roundup #340

Here’s this week’s roundup, sponsored by JLCPCB! Spend only $2 for 5pcs 1-4 layer PCBs ; PCBA from $0: The Roundup is available as a video and on all audio-only podcast services, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly […]


Retro-Bit LegacyGC Wired Controller

Pre-orders are now open for a wired, “legacy style” GameCube controller.  It should be compatible with anything that has a GC controller input, including the GC, Wii and 4-player USB adapter.  The price is only $20 plus shipping, which seems like a risk worth taking if you’re interested in using this style controller on your […]