New Metal Shell From Boxy Pixel Turns Your Game Boy Color into a Game Boy Pocket

Boxy Pixel just released a brand new machined aluminum shell for the Game Boy Color.  However, there’s a twist.  The new shell is roughly the same size and shape as a Game Boy Pocket with an overall smaller footprint compared to the original Game Boy Color shell.

In order to get the motherboard to fit into the smaller shell, some components needed to be removed such as the IR transceiver.

The kit also utilizes what I consider to be the best aftermarket IPS kit for the Game Boy Color which is the FunnyPlaying Retro Pixel 2.0 kit.  This is a pre-laminated Q5 IPS panel that really brings Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to life.

You can pick up the shell as well as all the necessary components such as the battery management board and bracket on the Boxy Pixel website linked below:

Pocket (GBC) Machined Aluminum Shell

Additionally you can pick up the IPS kit from Retro Game Repair Shop linked here (please not that this is an affiliate link):

FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color 2.0 Q5 IPS Laminated Backlight Kit

Use the coupon code TITO to save 10% on your purchase from Retro Game Repair Shop as well.

For a full review and tutorial on how to do this project yourself, check out the video linked above.

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