Introducing RetroNAS

I’m extremely excited to introduce a new project called RetroNAS:  Free, open source software that lets you turn anything that runs Debian Linux into a device that both hosts your games and acts as a bridge between retro PC’s and your network (and a TON more).  I’m only scratching the surface in this video, but check out the Github and Dan’s channel for a lot more info:

Main RetroNAS Github:
Dan’s Video Series:
Large USB 3.0 Drive, 4-18TB (You can always remove the drive and install internally if you’d like, affiliate link) :
Installation / Wiki:
MiSTer cifs install (unzip, then change the username and password!):

I also posted my own video on the quickest way to get started.  It’s focused on using a Raspberry Pi and does feature some command line stuff…but it’s all really basic and should be easy enough to follow:

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