Sony OLED PVM/BVM Tested

Before I start with the actual post, you need to know that this test was done simply out of curiosity.  Neither myself or Louis would recommend anyone go out and spend over $10k on an OLED BVM…unless you’re so rich that kind of money is like buying a coffee to you.  BUT, after seeing how terrible the original LCD PVM’s were, I thought people would enjoy hearing about the OLED versions of Sony’s professional video monitors.  If you’re really interested in OLED TV’s though, my friends and I have been using LG OLED’s for years and they’re both fairly priced (not cheap though!) and come in a much wider range of sizes:

LG 4K60 OLED (48″ start at $800):
LG 4K120 OLED (48″ start at $1100):

Okay, first (as always) is lag via the HDMI ports:  The OLED that Louis tested was less than half a frame of lag in all resolutions tested, including 480i.  That’s extremely interesting, as most flat-panel TV’s add a lot more lag to interlaced resolutions.  There was a 1ms difference between the lowest and highest resolution tested, which is common on most flat-panels;  Even though we’ve been using tools to accurately prove that there isn’t a big lag difference between 60Hz, progressive scan resolutions, there are still people who insist 480p will add “tons” more lag than 1080p.  It’s just not true.

The analog inputs are a different story and add about 4 frames of lag (when compensating for the converter Louis used).  Once again, this is a common find in all flat-panel TV’s and it doesn’t really make sense:  Even cheap $20 component to HDMI converters are lagless.

As for performance, Louis had nothing but praise for the display.  Even though this was made over ten years ago in 2011, it performed really well.  Definitely check out the video for more information and examples.

So, as I said first, I don’t recommend anyone rush out and buy these OLED BVM’s.  While technically you might be able to find versions that use higher quality panels than consumer-grade, the fact that modern OLED’s start at $800 for 60Hz and $1100 for 120Hz, all with under a frame of lag is a big deal.  While yes, you can get last LCD panels for a fraction of the price, OLED is where you go for quality.  That said, if you find a used OLED BVM/PVM for cheap, grab it!!

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