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New Batch of eInk Virtual Boy Flash Carts Announced

A new round of preorders for the Virtual Boy HyperFlash 32 cartridges with the impressive eInk label has been announced by Kevin Mellott at RetroOnyx. The HyperFlash 32’s eInk label changes to reflect which ROM is currently loaded on the cart.

Link to Preorder:

I’ve been an enormous proponent of this cart since I received mine a few years ago. The eInk screen gives it a very cool and futuristic feel. I briefly demonstrated it’s capabilities in this short twitter video here:

Available in a variety of different coloured frames, finishes and an option for red eInk, Kevin had initially declared Batch 4 from 2022 to be his final run of the hardware but outspoken interest has convinced him to continue making the hardware and he’s now taking preorders for batch 7! So if you’ve wanted to pick one up, if you’re interested in a flash cart for the system, or if you’re just an enthusiastic Virtual Boy collector this is a great opportunity!

If you’d like to learn more about it, Bob has a more in-depth video for you to check out: