RetroTINK 4K Firmware Update v1.2.1

Mike Chi has just released a new firmware for the RetroTINK 4K that adds a few new features.  The most commonly used will probably be the auto-sampling feature for Sega Saturn, which will improve the look of games that use multiple resolutions;  Using the latest custom profiles from Wobbling Pixels with this firmware update can get you some amazing results!  There’s also updates to the auto-sampling and phase settings and an awesome new feature for people who watch blu-ray’s of old TV shows!  More info and a full list of changes after the links:

Firmware Update:
Purchase the RT4K:
Wobbling Pixels’ Profiles:

While all the other updates and additions are awesome, the one I’m personally most excited for is the pseudo-480i scanlines from 480p and 1080p sources:  These are designed for people who want a “CRT interlaced look” for progressive scan content.  So, why would you want that?  Truthfully, you almost never would…but, if you enjoy old TV shows on blu-ray, it’s common to find them looking kinda odd in HD.  Enabling this feature, along with a CRT mask gives you an extremely subtle CRT effect that I think truly “fixes” some shows.

And once again, not all old TV shows will benefit from this.  Some just look best running in 1080p96 with BFI, as you might watch an older movie with film grain.  Others might look better keeping them in 1080p60 for the typical 3:2 pulldown look, but adding a CRT filter.  And I guess some would look best without any effects at all.  But that’s the best part of stuff like this:  Use whatever looks best to your eyes!

Here’s the full list of updates in this revision:

  • Added special Sega Saturn auto-sampling support.
  • Complete rewrite of the auto-sampling/auto-phase algorithm for improved stability for all systems.
  • Complete rewrite of the inverse 3:2 and 2:2 telecine deinterlacers for improved stability and response time. Games that have moderate pace changes such as FFX should now be playable.
  • Added the ability to generate pseudo-interlaced scanline (i.e. 480i style scanlines from 480p inputs, 1080i style scanlines from 1080p inputs).
  • Improved Analogue DAC support including auto-calculating the decimation factor
  • Fixed various HDMI audio compatibility issues including audio glitches for Atomos recorders and missing HDR infoframes when run through AVRs.

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