Ms Mad Lemon New Album: ‘Step Inside’

Ms Mad Lemon has just released her latest album, ‘Step Inside’.  Much like her previous releases, the album was made on an Amiga, however Step Inside was actually composed using Amiga emulation, as it was mostly written while traveling.  You can preview it free on Bandcamp (as well as the first single above), but if you’re a fan of the music, please consider purchasing it, supporting on Patreon…or both!  More info and a link to an interview we did can be found below the links:

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I’ve listened to Step Inside all the way through a few times now and it feels like a combination of Maddie’s previous two albums:  There’s a few happy and upbeat songs that give off a vibe sorta similar to 2022’s Zaman (an album I LOVE and still listen to on a regular basis!!!) , but also contains some moody and atmospheric tunes like Paradox, her previous album.  I kinda feel like if you’ve ever enjoyed one of her songs, this album has something for you on it.

If you’d like to here more directly from MsMadLemon, check out on interview we did.  You can view it here as a video, or just search any podcast service for “RetroRGB MsMadLemon”:

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