MiSTerCade – First Look

Scarlet Sprites has just posted a video showing the new “MiSTerCade” product from  This is a device that’s 100% compatible with the MiSTer project and works similar to current MiSTer kits:  Connect a DE-10 Nano, configure an SD card the same way as normal and plug it into the JAMMA harness in your arcade machine.  I’d highly recommend the video for anyone even slightly interested in running FPGA cores in an arcade cabinet.

MiSTerCade will eventually be available here:
Setup and Configuration Info:
Compatible wireless keyboard (a must if you’re leaving this in a cab without easy access to the USB ports):
Compatible Wifi Module:

I’m lucky enough to be testing a MiSTerCade as well and so far the experience has been awesome.  There’s a few more interesting features and things it can do that Joe didn’t dig into yet, but I imagine between his videos and one I have planned there will soon be plenty of information going around before pre-orders open.

We’ll post here on RetroRGB the moment they’re ready for sale and you can also follow Porkchop Express for instant updates to his products:

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