New NGPC Backlit IPS Screen

Macho Nacho Productions has just released a video showing the installation and review of a new NGPC IPS backlit screen kit.  Unlike the previous NPGC options, this screen is actually larger than the original and has some interesting features.  It does require cutting the shell, so I strongly recommend using an aftermarket replacement like shown in the video.

IPS Screen Kit:
Replacement Cases:
Neo Pocket ROM Cart:

If you don’t connect any of the extra features, there’s no soldering required for the kit, however access to the on-screen display requires a few wires to be soldered.  It seems like that’s definitely worth taking the time to do, as you can change the screen alignment, turn on scanlines for an original look and adjust the brightness.  There’s even an option battery meter that shows you how much power the two AA batteries have left.

As a note, the seller says the kit won’t work with the NGPC Slim, but there will be another version available soon for that model.  If you’re a fan of the NGPC, this looks like the best screen upgrade available at the moment!

If you’re looking for a ROM Cart for the NGPC, check out my video below.  It’s not the quality of my recent videos, but it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect!

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