XStation SD Mount – New Extension Routing Suggestion

Greg from LaserBear has just posted new recommended installation instructions for the XStation’s SD mount and specifically the SD extension cable;  The previous solution recommended that the flex run between the SD mount and the XStation, but there’s a slight chance that will put too much pressure on the MicroSD port.  It’s now recommended that you run the flex underneath the XStation, just to avoid this possibility altogether.  NO NEW PARTS NEED TO BE PURCHASED, you just need to pop the top off your PlayStation and re-run the cable.  Check out the video above for more details.

XStation (US Seller):
XStation (US Seller + Installation):
XStation (UK Seller):
SD Extension Kit:
Compatible PS1 Model:

Greg also designed a clamp for the MicroSD port to help hold things more firmly in place.  It’s absolutely not necessary, but will add some peace of mind to the installation for anyone concerned.  If you’d like, this can be purchased from the same link for super cheap.  You’ll still need to pay shipping (of course!), so if you wanted to add one to your existing installation, maybe find something else from the store to buy as well.  I’m loving the new OSSC case, but I’m sure there’s something in there for everyone!

If you’d like more information on optical drive emulator solutions for the PlayStation, please check out the full review video I did below.  The video showcases two great options for the PS1 and the MODE is also compatible as well.  Due to price, I think the two solutions mentioned in the video will be best for most people and both the XStation and MODE are compatible with the same model PS1’s.  Check out the video for more info:

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