MiSTer FPGA News – N64 Games Running! The Simpsons Beta & More


Pramod gave a quick update regarding the NARC core mentioning that fixed and issue that prevented the ranking numbers from appearing in the high score table.


Portable MiSTer

User TZMWX, on Twitter, posted a video that shows off a portable Mr. FPGA.
This is a neat little project that takes a DE10 nano and attaches it to a portable housing that has an LCD screen, speakers, a dpad and the genesis 6 button layout.


The Simpsons

Jotego released a beta for the Simpsons core. A very popular arcade game by Konami.
It’s only available to Patreon subscribers now, but when it’s out of beta it will be released to the public.


Retro Frog MiSTer Case

Retro Frog released the 3D files for their MiSTer FPGA case that also includes a slot for a hard drive. You can obtain the files from



Robert posted a video of Mario Kart 64 running. The graphics are super glitchy but it’s amazing that we are seeing such fast progress. Sound looks to be woking really well.
You can download a test core from the MiSTer FPGA discord.


Western Gun Schematics

Jimmy stones has been notified by gamingalexandria that the full schematics for Taito’s Western Gun arcade game have appeared. He’s been hoping to get his hands on this documentation, and it looks like it will be his next FPGA project.


Wizzo NFC Script

wizzo has released officially released his NFC script. The script was possible also thanks to Gareth Jones on twitter. With this script you can take an NFC tag, write the path of the game you want to play on MiSTer and use it automatically run a game for you.


Atari System 1

You can now automatically download the Atari System 1 arcade core, by enabling “theypsilon Unofficial Distribution” in Update All. The Atari System 1 runs games like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Road Blasters and more.