Domesday LaserDisc and VHS Archival Project Interview

I recently had a chance to follow-up with Simon and Chad from the Domesday Duplicator / LD Decode projects, as well as Øyvind, who’s been spearheading the VHS side of things.  For anyone unaware, this project is meant to create archival-quality “backups” of laserdiscs and VHS tapes, that will ensure the highest quality possible.  As-always, these interviews are also available on all podcast platforms – Just search your favorite app for “RetroRGB Domesday”!  Here’s links to the project, as well as the previous interview we did:

Duplicator github:
ld-decode github:
VHS Decode Github:

Also, here’s the first interview we did, in case anyone wants more info on the history of the project, as well as another awesome conversation with Simon and Chad:

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