MiSTer FPGA News – DOS Games as Screensavers, Saturn, Galaga 88, Toki & More

Super Attract Mode

Super Attract Mode, the script that can load random games while your MiSTer is idle acting like an attract screen, has now added support for DOS games via the 0MHz DOS collection. Giving you more variety in the tpyes of games being loaded.



Andrea Bogaszzi updated TapTo’s online label designer to include the search engine from, this should provide more consistent results and you also can now filter by platform.

Ariel aces also finished a couple of holographic label sets for some consoles. He’s created a game boy advance set and he also created a Neo Geo set. With the Neo Geo set, there are also some labels for the back of the NFC cards you can use.


Discord Game Challenge

The next game on the MiSTer FPGA discord game challenge is Bubble Symphony on the Sega Saturn. It is a single credit score challenge and goes until April 8th. All scores must be submitted to the MiSTer FPGA discord.



The NES core is now working on the MiSTex project. There are some limitations like no save states and no PAL/NTSC support. Also default 256 megabytes of RAM from the FPGA board is now usable whereas before only 128 MB was usable. Bandwidth was also doubled from 8-bit to 16-bit access. There is also a new revision of the MiSTex baseboard fixing some minor issues.


Namco System 1

On some cores Jotego fix an audio issue where sound effects were too faint. This issue affected the Simpsons, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and Aliens cores. For Bubble Bobble, fixing sound took a little bit more work but Jotegos team was able to get it resolved.

The arcade games Galaga 88 is also now playable in beta form.



The Toki core developed by Solal Retro Gaming has been released. It’s currently only available on GitHub so it must be installed manually. There are some very useful instructions on getting the core set up on the GitHub page.


0MHz DOS Collection

There is now a downloader script made specifically for the 0MHz DOS collection. The script will update MGL files from GitHub and even download zip files. Keep in mind that it currently only supports downloading the full collection, which clocks in at 30GB. So make sure you have enough space on your SD card before using this script.


MiSTer Framework

Sorg has been implementing changes to the MiSTer FPGA framework relating to the upcoming 24-bit IO board. One change force disables 24bit mode on legacy IO boards when Switch 2 on the DE10 Nano is ON. Doing this will have no effect on the digital IO board and version 9 Analog IO boards.

Another update to the framework will allow the use of dual SDRAM on a naked DE10 Nano. For this to work you will need to turn on switch three on the DE10 Nano.



The Saturn core has added support for SNAC, but at the moment it only works with the standard gamepad. There were also many fixes to different parts of the Saturn hardware, and games that were specifically affected are:

Bubble Symphony and Waku Waku 7.