BigPEmu v1.1 + Linux Patreon Release

Rich Whitehouse recently posted an update to his Atari Jaguar emulator, as well as released a beta Linux port and Windows x64 Developer edition as well.  There were also some bugfixes and additions listed below.  As always, Rich’s Patreon supporters get early access to all of these builds;  If you’re a fan of emulation, please consider supporting, as that’s what’s needed for this work to carry on!  If you’re not in a position to support, Rich eventually releases everything publicly and you can find the previous Windows release right on his main page:

Patreon Post with Downloads:
Public Download:

Here’s the full list of changes from the last update:

  • Added a native Linux (x64) port. Generally not well tested, but seems to be working well enough in local testing under a couple of different distributions. Less frequently used platform-dependent functionality may remain unimplemented on this platform.
  • Added a new SDL2 plugin for audio, video, and input. Not particularly recommended under Windows, but a Windows build is provided nonetheless.
  • Added custom sky/background functionality to the Checkered Flag script.
  • Added an “Alternate Scheduling” option.
  • Added a “Rewind Skip” option.
  • Added a “Frame Time Display” developer option.
  • Fixed a minor interrupt timing issue.
  • Fixed a bug in the object browser which could, rarely, result in a memory leak.
  • Fixed a bug preventing BIGPEMU_TEXFLAG_REPEAT from affecting texture wrap mode in the OpenGL video plugin.

If you’d like to hear more from Rich, please check out the interview we did awhile back!  You can watch it here, or just search any podcast app for “RetroRGB Whitehouse”:

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