MemCard Pro GC – October Pre-Order Batch

Pre-orders are now open for the next round of MemCard Pro’s for the Nintendo GameCube.  This is the FPGA-based memory card that can act as multiple virtual memory cards when used with original discs and also automatically assign one VMC per game (including per region!) when used with Swiss! There’s also a WiFi interface and a way to back up your existing memory cards.  The price is about $65 with multiple colors to choose from and they’re due to ship around October of this year:

Purchase US (SaG):
Purchase Europe:

I’ve been a huge fan of all the MemCard products and this one is equally as good.  It’s even gotten some cool features like cloud backups and OTA updates.  Heck, it even has a hard shell case accessory for people who carry theirs around!

If you’d like to see more about it, check out this awesome video from Tito that demo’s everything you’d want to see:

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