Mario’s Carnival Quest mod released

Clue has a released a mod for Mario Party Advance on GBA, called Mario’s Carnival Quest as an IPS patch. You will need a USA version of Mario Party Advance cartridge dump, that you need to then patch with IPS patcher of your choice, or use the online patcher linked on planetclue website.

Mod page:

Clue goes through the initial public response to the game and how it dissapointed people, due to people expecting a traditional Mario Party game. The video is a love letter to this game and how it was misunderstood as a Mario Party game. It also presents changes to make the game more enjoyable, including changing the name and title screen to Mario’s Carnival Quest. Quality of life changes include:

  • Player starts with 15 mushrooms instead of 3
  • Mushroom challenge minigames happen every 10 turns instead of 3
  • Mushroom challenge minigames pay out 10 mushrooms instead of 3

This project was a colaboration between Clue, OrigamiScienceGuy, and Zarithya. This is now his second project as a game mod, previously releasing the significantly improved Garfield+ for Windows PC.