MemCard ProGC Hard Case from Laser Bear Industries

Laser Bear Industries has just opened up orders for their MemCard ProGC case which is for the Gamecube version of the MemCard Pro memory card by 8bitmods. This is similar to their existing cases for the Memcard Pro2 and MemCard Pro versions.

This is a flip-phone-like clamshell design, that snaps shut via small magnets.  The price is only $15 and they’re in stock now:

MemCard ProGC Case:

The MemCard ProGC is about $68 for one memory card that works on all GameCube consoles, that uses one small MicroSD card for basically infinite memory card storage.  Check out Tito’s video for more info on the MemCard Pro GC below the links:

US (SaG):
US (Rondo):