Mega Man 3 NES to SNES

Developer Infidelity has just publicly released his latest NES to SNES conversion, for the game Mega Man 3.  As with his previous conversions, these eliminate slowdown, reduce sprite flicker and allow for SNES-related enhancements that aren’t possible on NES hardware.  This is a public release, however please consider supporting on Patreon, to fund further conversions!  More info after the links:

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If you’d like more details as to why these NES -> SNES ports are such a big deal, I already covered this in a previous post and discussed it during Weekly Roundup #361 at the 12min mark:  I didn’t want to repeat everything here, so I thought it was just best to link to the other explanation.  Also, here’s the listed info and changes made:

Technical Info

  • Hi-Rom
  • FastROM
  • 4MB
  • GFX converted from 2bpp to 4bpp
  • CPU Memory used for prg, is 80:8000-FFFF – 9F:8000-FFFF
  • CPU Memory used for gfx, is F0:0000-FFFF – FF:0000-FFFF

Changes From Original Version

  • All IRQ routines converted to HDMA
  • Capcom 6C80 sound engine resides entirely within the SPC700
  • Created 3 .brr sample files (enemy shot/magnet missile/shadow blade)
  • Break Man mug shot, unused sprite scarf animation added
  • Mega Man walks away correctly during defeated Dr. Wily scenes
  • Mega Man faces properly when entering boss rematch capsules
  • Dr. Wiley text changed to Dr. Wily
  • Gemini Man’s unused Saturn style planet tileset, now working in BG Layer 3

My Life In Gaming recently livestreamed it, if you’d like to see it in action:

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