SMS to MK-2000 Cartridge Adapter

Retro Game Restore has just started selling a cartridge adapter and 3D printed case that allows you to use Sega Master System game cartridges – As well as ROM carts like the Master Everdrive x7 – In Japanese SMS consoles, like the MK-2000 pictured above.  The fit itself was perfect and it looked just like a standard MKII cart, just with a MicroSD opening in the top for easy Everdrive x7 access.  More info below the links and the full livestream testing can be shown above:

SMS Everdrive:
3D Print File (coming soon):

Personally, I think this is the perfect choice for people who own the Japanese SMS, model MK-2000 with the built-in 3D Glasses adapter, FM Sound chip and rapid fire module.  While sure, you can just get a cartridge adapter and stack the Everdrive (or any other SMS game) on top of it, that results in a tall, kinda unstable look.  And of course, you can just get the rear adapter, but that requires you to cut some case plastic and could potentially have some compatibility issues.

This combination of PCB and 3D printed case provides the look of a standard MK-2000 game, with the same compatibility as just using an Everdrive;  Some games will always have PAL/NTSC issues and others will always run with Japanese text when used with a JP BIOS, but this cartridge adapter doesn’t affect that in any way.  Previously, some adapters had issues with certain games and this doesn’t seem to have those – At least with the games I tried.

It would be nice if someone made an authentic label for it.  And of course, an injection-molded version would always look better, however I don’t think the potential quantities sold would justify that cost.  Maybe I’m wrong though!?  Let’s buyup all of these and hope they make a fancy shell to purchase later on 🙂

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