Analogue Pocket on a CRT

The Analogizer by RndMnkIII is a device that allows Analogue Pocket owners a way to relive the classic experience of playing retro games on CRT televisions. The device plugs into the cartridge port and provides a VGA port, that combined with the appropriate cable/adapter, lets you connect over RGB, component, S-Video and composite. On top of that, there is also a SNAC7 port that let’s you connect original console controllers, for even more authenticity.

To use the Analogizer, you will need to install supported cores on an SD Card. These cores can then output analogue video via the Analogizer’s VGA port. Current supported systems are:

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Neo Geo
  • PC Engine
  • PC Engine CD
  • Irem M92(Arcade)
  • Alpha Mission(Arcade)

RndMnkIII is constantly updating cores to support more systems and add new features. As of now, the Analogizer is the sole option for CRT output on the Analog Pocket, as the official Analogue DAC doesn’t work with the Pocket.

Available for purchase online, the Analogizer costs €54 or $65. The linked video above provides demonstrations of the Analogizers features and supported cores. Below are some links to help you obtain the correct adapters for analogue video output and to use official console controllers. You can also check out MarcoRetro’s video to get a different perspective and technical measurements of the device.

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