Fenrir Saturn ODE Review just sent me a Fenrir Optical Drive Emulator for the Sega Saturn and I was able to put it through it’s paces.  Overall, it seems to be a good replacement for your Saturn’s optical drive, but there’s a few important things to keep in mind:

  • It’s only compatible with 20-pin Saturns.  Most model 1’s will work, but you need to open your Saturn to be sure.
  • The firmware is still very early in it’s lifespan.  In the short time I’ve been using the Fenrir, there’s already been two updates and some bugs I found were quickly fixed.  As a result, it’s best to visualize this as finished hardware and in-progress software.
  • At the time of this review, there’s no 2-disc support.  Hopefully that will change too.

With many Saturn ODE choices coming to market, I’d make your purchasing decision based on compatibility and availability;  If you have a compatible Saturn and the games you’re looking to play are confirmed as working, the Fenrir is a great choice.  If you were waiting on other features, or if your motherboard revision isn’t compatible, maybe wait on the other solutions?

Purchase Fenrir:
Compatibility List:
20 Pin Saturn-Compatible Ribbon Cable:
FAT32GUI Format:
Saturn FRAM Mod:
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Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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