The “Satiator” is an optical drive emulator that works with all models of the Sega Saturn.  It’s 100% plug-and-play and requires no mod:  Simply insert it in the MPEG card slot in the back of the Saturn. Satiators will be available for purchase soon for $260 plus shipping: A review of the beta hardware […]

Satiator Price & Availability Revealed

Professor Abrasive has just announced the price of his plug & play ODE as $260, with the first 100 going on sale to Patreon subscribers within 7 days at a $15 discount.  Then, the next batch of 1000 are being put on sale shortly after: As promised, Patreon subscribers will have first dibbs, but […]

Satiator Prototype Update, Box Sample

Professor Abrasive has just made a public post on his Patreon page, updating everyone of the current Satiator status: “The first 100 PCBs are, finally, being populated in a Californian fabrication facility this week. Shells have arrived in the US and the production test system is ready to go; it’s almost there.“ He also addressed […]

Satiator Case Enters Production

Professor Abrasive just posted on Patreon regarding his upcoming Sega Saturn optical drive emulator, The Satiator.  He’s been in the final push towards getting this product released, and a big step on that path has been getting a production case completed.  He opted for injection molding and it appears the case is ready for a […]

Satiator ODE: Beta Overview

Here’s an early look at the upcoming “Satiator” Optical Drive Emulator for the Sega Saturn made by Professor Abrasive. It’s a plug-and-play device that allows you to boot CD images without modding your console at all.  Even though the project is still only in beta, I was very impressed at the performance!  Check it out […]

Satiator “Spring” Update

UPDATE 09/03:  There’s now a second post linked below. Professor Abrasive has just posted an update for his Patreon followers regarding the Satiator project: This is the first post since his last update way back in June when he showed the near-final shell design.  According to this update, he’s been spending the past three months […]

Satiator Shell Progress

Professor Abrasive has just posted an update to the Satiator project:  The design of the plastic shell is nearing completion and SLA samples have been received.  There’s still some tweaks to be made, but it’s looking like all versions of the Satiator (including beta versions) will ship with some kind of plastic shell: Also, there’s […]

Satiator Beta Update

Professor Abrasive has just posted an update about his Sega Saturn optical drive emulator.  The beta hardware is in and finally built correctly by the manufacturer.  Also, the cases are being finalized with the intent of production versions being SLA plastic;  I’m assuming the beta’s will ship in a 3D printed case. Also, the focus now […]

Satiator Feature Update

Professor Abrasive has posted a detailed list of features on his Patreon page, to clear up any confusion people may have had.  I feel a bit awkward pulling from his paid Patreon post, but I want to help spread the word of this awesome product.  Here’s everything: The Satiator is a plastic cartridge which slides […]