Darksoft MVS Multi-Cart ‘Final’ Batch?

Darksoft has just announced some updates on his Neo Geo multi-cart project.  First, it looks like no more AES versions will be made at all.  Next, he’s considering making one last round of MVS multi’s, but needs to sell at least 75 for it to be feasible.  If you own an original Neo Geo MVS (especially if you own a Neo Geo arcade machine!), create an Arcade-Projects account and post in the thread.  If made, the price would be about $620:

Interest Check:

It’s sad to see this multicart go away, as it was a great choice for MVS users.  Sure, the MiSTer core is awesome and MVS carts are far more “affordable” than AES, but there are definitely people out there that prefer using original hardware as much as possible.  While you can argue flash cart’s aren’t “original”, it’s absolutely a happy medium between emulation and original cartridges.  Let’s hope everyone that wanted one can sign up for this batch and get it….

If you’d like more info on how the cart performs, I did a review back in 2019 that’s still pretty relevant:

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