Darksoft CPS3 Ultra Simm Multi Review

Scarlett Sprites posted a review of Darksoft’s new CPSIII Ultra Simm kit; An upgraded version of Darksoft’s original kit that has quite a few advantages over the original, including (and especially) instant switching between games!  Joe’s video above has all the info you’ll need on it with one small correction:  The Red Earth bug was actually fixed the day after his video aired!

US Seller:
European Seller:
More info on the kit:

Who this kit is for is an interesting question.  The fact that all of the CPS3 games except Red Earth all have decent Dreamcast ports, makes this a device that’s definitely aimed at the most extreme arcade enthusiasts.  There are still a lot of us arcade freaks out there, who appreciate the superior experience of the original.  Also, the ability to play romhacks on original hardware, as well as instant switching between games makes this a great choice for us.

If you’d like a less expensive way to use original arcade hardware, you could always purchase Darksoft’s original kit at a lower price, but keep in mind loading times can be up to forty five minutes when switching games!  You could also recoup some costs by selling the DIMMS you’ll replace, but overall, this is an expensive solution.

I’d just suggest watching the video above and deciding if this is for you.

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