Alex Mitchell

Pre-Orders open for BioFury 3DO Physical Release

World of Games, a publisher that is focussing on releasing physical copies of independently made games for older consoles, has just announced a physical NTSC-only release of the 3DO homebrew “BioFury”:

Developed by RetroLoveLetter, BioFury is a first person shooter in the tradition of Wolfenstein3D but with a Resident Evil style twist. For folks with a 3DO ODE, like the ones from Fixel, you can play the finished game right now by downloading the ISO file from the game’s GitHub and try before you buy.

The physical release is going to have two editions: a $29.99 USD version with a pressed disc, jewel case, and a printed insert/manual; and a limited edition $49.99 version will also be available with a few extra goodies:

  • An original 3DO longbox case
  • A dual-sided BioFury Poster with Cover Art and Level Maps
  • BioFury themed-keychain
  • Classic 3DO tribute ad

The physical copies will be shipped by late January: