Weekly Roundup #394

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Timestamps / Article Links:

00:00  Welcome

00:31  Ender Lilies Modern Metroidvania: 

01:40  Saturn Bomberman Bonus Stages:

02:44  Wacky Frame Rate of NES Jekyll and Hyde:

05:01  SNES Video Output Explained: 

08:55  Voultar’s 2-CHIP SNES Mod:

14:21  GameBoy Color Dev Kit:

15:56  Gamepadla Controller Lag Test:

23:22  Lu’s MiSTer Updates: 

30:45  HyperBoy In Stock: 

32:45  Display Calibration Video: 

35:15  Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore Pre-Order: 

38:43  I finally mounted my camera!

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