Weekly Roundup #163

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00:13  Live Events:

01:00  Tanglewood Source Released:

02:15  Genesis Mini 1st Look:

04:46  Minigun 3D Shell:

05:48  Multi-Out Breakout Boards:

09:33  Neo Geo Mini Controller Mod:

11:50  FM Towns Marty ODE That You’ll Never Be Able To Buy:

15:21  Synth Of Rage:

16:47  MSX N64 Controller:

17:48  Seattle Retro Computing Society Meetup:

18:15  MDStudio on Github:

19:08  Mini-ITX FPGA MSX2+:

19:48  Dump BVM EEPROMS:

21:10  Undamned USB decoders are…well…damned:

22:14  Unreleased Xbox Game:

22:57  32x Support Coming to Analoge’s DAC (+ original 32x):

25:05  JagSD Pre-Orders Open:

26:58  Monitor Buying Tips:

29:57  Interview with PVM Seller:

31:43  JAMMA Extension Cables:

33:09  Unreleased Sega Arcade Game:

34:02  Noise in some PCE games?:

35:55  VGP has Color OSSC Shells As Well:

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