Genesis Mini – 1st Look Reviews

Preliminary reviews of the upcoming Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini consoles are starting to come in from respected reviewers.  So far, the consensus seems to be that it performs around as good as the NES/SNES classic consoles, although with different strengths and weaknesses.

I’ll be looking forward to upcoming in-depth reviews, but at least we can rest easy and not expect a disaster like the PlayStation Classic!  Pre-order yours below (along with a 6-button USB controller) and check out video reviews below that!

EDIT:  After watching the Game Sack review (below), it seems there’s a really annoying audio delay on these beta units – Up to 11 frames over original.  Eleven!  That might not be enough to deter a casual player, but it’s certainly noticeable.  Fingers crossed that this is just an issue with beta firmware and not production…although that seems unlikely, considering how soon they’ll be shipping.

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