Vertically-Oriented GBA SP Case Replacement

Macho Nacho Productions posted a review of the Game Boy Advance SP “Unhinged” metal shell from  I’ve been extremely curious about this since I first saw it teased, as I always felt a vertically-oriented GBA might have felt more comfortable for playing both GBA games, as well as original GB + GBC.

GBA SP Unhinged:
GBA SP eBay Search:
The exact screen used in the video:

I reached out to Tito to clarify some of the things he showed in the video.  Here’s everything we discussed in no particular order:

  • Everything needed can be purchased directly through boxypixel’s website, except the headphone jack.  This needs to be bought either through mouser or digi-key or similar electronic parts store. The model number needed is: SJ2-35954A-SMT-TR
  • The new aftermarket battery can be charged via the GBA SPs original charge port.  USB-C port is not required, but handy.
  • If you don’t install a USB-C or headphone jack, boxypixel sells 3D printed inserts that cover the openings.
  • Installing a headphone Jack will require you to solder 4 wires and there are several ways it could be done.  Some will retain the switching that occurs which turns off the speaker and routes the sound to the headphone while another method will allow for sound to travel to both which is not ideal. It is recommended to use a thin gauge wire such as magnet wire for this part of the mod.
  • He used that particular IPS since it has it comes with the glass already adhered and the GBA SP logo is nicely reproduced.
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