New Batch of Wonderswan Flash Masta USB’s Available For Sale

Wonderswan Flash Masta carts are once again available for purchase, although these tend to sell out very fast!  They’ll most likely be gone by the time you see this, but we still want to keep people informed.

Please keep in mind that these aren’t standard “rom carts” and each will require a USB connection to flash the games.  Please read the description below on the sale page for details about compatibility and how they work:

There are three versions available:

  • Circuit board only = $90
  • Installed in a 3D Printed Shell = $100
  • Shell with dust cover = $110

As stated on the sale page:

“The “Circuit Board Only” option will need to be installed into a plastic shell before you can use it in a Wonderswan console. You can use a plastic shell from another game you already own, but you’ll need to shave/cut some of the plastic (for example to make an opening for the USB and some other parts).”

I’d strongly recommend not sacrificing a perfectly good game shell and just getting one of the printed options.  You can also download and print your own cart, by using these files:

MyMiniFactory WS Flash Masta Shell
Thingiverse WS Flash Masta Shell

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