Transparent SNES / SFC Controller Shells

Retro Game Restore has just opened pre-orders on transparent shells for Super Nintendo / Super Famicom controller shells.  They come in Clear, Smoke and Atomic Purple.  The price is about $30 plus shipping and they’re due to arrive this summer.  Here’s links to the controller pre-order, as well as the other amazing Retro Game Restore cases:

SNES / SFC Controller:
SNES Transparent Shells:
Super Famicom w/ SNES cartridge option:
Main Page:

I’m a huge fan of these transparent cases, both to replace damaged originals, but also for brand new projects;  Imagine getting a new USB or wireless SNES-Style controller and swapping the case with this one!?  It’s up to the community to figure out what new controllers will fit, but as soon as I get some prototypes in, I’ll start testing all the SNES-style controllers I can!

If you’re interested in how good these shells look, check out the livestreams below.  And here’s all the other cases RGR sells:

Original Xbox:
NES Front-Loader:
Genesis / Mega Drive Shells:
Pre-Order Genesis 2 Shell:
Famicom Clear Top:
PC Engine Clear / Smoke:
PC Engine Controller Clear / Smoke:

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