Rear Composite & S-Video Adapter for the RetroTINK 4K

The RetroTINK 4K has Composite and S-Video ports available directly in front, behind the sliding door.  These work great…but what if you want to hide all your cables in the back?  You can simply connect composite video to the green component video jack in back…but what if you’re also using component video?  No problem, Greg from Laser Bear has just made a passthrough adapter that lets you easily connect both S-Video and Composite to the rear dsub (VGA) port.  This will allow you to safely connect both at the same time as well.  The price is about $18 and they’re in stock now:

LaserBear Adapter:
3.5mm Y Splitter:
RCA to 3.5mm Cable:

A few things to note.  First, this is NOT a converter, simply a passthrough adapter;  The RT4K natively supports both Y/C and cvbs via pins on the dsub port.  Also, the passthrough adapter sends composite to the hsync pin and S-Video’s Luma (Y) and Chroma (C) to the Green and Red pins on the dsub connector.  Since all three signals go to independent pins and nothing is shared except ground, that means it’s 100% safe to leave both connected at the same time.

It’s also safe to use an audio Y-Splitter to connect the audio from both consoles at once.  Now, of course, there’s always a chance some ground hum, or interference will be added with audio Y-cables, however it’s perfectly safe to give it a try and see how it sounds!  I have affiliate links to adapters above to fit most people’s scenario’s, however if you’re using a splitter and would prefer a shorter solution, the dongle-style adapters I show in the pic below might be a better fit:

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