Sturmwind: Official Dreamcast Reissue

Video Games New York will open pre-orders today on an official re-release of the indie Dreamcast game Sturmwind.  This game was developed by German studio Duranik and originally published by RedSpotGames in 2013.  This VGNY reissue is available in a standard edition for $40 and a deluxe edition that includes a custom VMU shell, as well as a new dpad upgrade for $60.  Both versions will include a pressed disc (not a CDr) and should arrive at customers by the end of this year.  More info after the link:

Purchase Here:

I love that this re-release gets to highlight an awesome game from an indie studio, while also utilizing the mold from VGNY’s awesome VMU replacement shells, as a pretty cool bonus for the limited edition.  I’m also interested to see how the d-pad kit performs, as it includes both a new plastic piece, as well as a new rubber membrane.  Overall, this seems like a great buy for Dreamcast fans!

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