Dreamcast VMU Replacement Shells

Video Games New York has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for injection-molded replacement shells for Dreamcast VMU’s.  The colors currently available are transparent frost, smoke, purple, orange, as well as solid (non-transparent) silver and gold.  More colors may become available if stretch goals are met.  The price is about $16 each and they’re due to ship in fall of this year.  Tons more info and links are in the main Kickstarter post, plus I just uploaded a video showing the quality:


As a note, production samples have already arrived and appear to be in good condition.  Getting to this point is by far the hardest part of a project like this, as making the metal tool (mold) and getting the plastic injected without blemishes or swirls is very challenging.  So it looks like VGNY has already gotten past the biggest hurdle and the Kickstarter is just funding the manufacturing, packaging and shipping.

While of course, nothing’s ever guaranteed, backing a project that’s already come this far is much safer than backing one that’s still at the “idea” stage.  If you’re looking for a replacement VMU shell – especially at that low price – I’d feel completely comfortable getting one!

UPDATE 04/03/2024:  I was able to personally check out a production sample and it looked great!:

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