Streaming Retro Games; EposVox Tutorial

EposVox has just posted the first video in an upcoming series about getting started streaming / capturing retro gaming content.  This video focuses on using the RetroTINK products and Adam demonstrates the original RetroTINK2x ‘Classic’.  As a note, all RetroTINK products (including the RAD2x) will work exactly the same…just don’t stream with scanlines turned on, as that gets compressed really badly when streaming and usually looks terrible.

I’m really interested to see where he goes with the rest of the series and hope he mentions things like the RetroUSB AVS and other quality ways to play old cartridges on HDMI consoles.

The only other thing I’d like to add is Adam discusses good choices for quality capture cards, however the $20 one he reviewed (below) worked “good enough”.  To put that into more perspective, getting your settings and scaling wrong with a quality capture card might actually look worse than the $20 one set up properly at 480p or 720p.  I wanted to mention that, in case your goal was simply to play a few games remotely with friends and stream it to people you know…something that’s a ton of fun, but shouldn’t require any expensive equipment.

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