Shockman Zero Official SNES Reissue

Retro-Bit have just opened pre-orders on official re-releases of the Super Famicom game Shockman Zero.  This was originally only released via the Satelleview addon and broadcast to Japanese audiences back in 1997, making this the first official worldwide release.  The price is about $55 and there’s both PAL and NTSC versions that will be sold in the respective stores.  Pre-orders should stay open until late July and they’re expected to ship by the end of the year.  More info in the sale pages, with some more thoughts below:

US Seller (NTSC Version)
UK Seller (PAL Version)
German Seller (PAL Version)

It’s my strong opinion that this is the perfect scenario for an official re-release, as there is no “original version” – To currently play this game on original hardware, you’d need a Super Famicom with the Satellaview module, a cart that still has the game flashed to it…and you’d need to read Japanese!  This re-release comes on a standard SNES or SFC cart, with the translation already applied and it’s designed to run at proper 50/60Hz speeds, depending on your region.  I really hope we see more rare and unique re-releases like this, as it’s the only way to have a fully-original experience…

…as long as the carts are properly beveled and built properly!  As always, check them when they arrive and post pics.  Don’t forget, these companies WANT you to show off their work when it’s done correctly, so set your camera’s to macro mode, cross your fingers and hope they’re safe to use in original consoles!  If not, it would be a sad attempt, as rare stuff like this should be seen by more people, without worrying if it’ll harm your console or not.

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