Updated FirebrandX RetroTINK 4K Profiles

FirebrandX has just released a new profile pack update for the RetroTINK 4K.  These update the SNES, NES, SMS and Genesis profiles, adding some tweaks and new options.  While FBX’s profiles have always been completely free (and the Patron post with download link is public), please consider supporting if possible, as his profiles have been absolute game-changers, all the way back to the Framemeister!:

Public Post:
Purchase Here:

Profile packs like this and the ones from Wobbling Pixels are absolutely crucial to get the best performance out of your RT4K.  While sure, it looks great just by plugging in your consoles and turning it on, having the option to get pixel-perfect scaling simply by loading a profile is such a luxury!!!

If you’d like to know a bt more about what goes into making profiles like this, check out this video from FBX:

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