Sentinel Supergun Prices Announced

Prices have been announced for the Sentinel Supergun. Originally envisioned as a cheap device, the Sentinel’s features and quality steadily rose until it is basically as much as, or more expensive than the HAS.

  • Sentinel Features
  • 4 layer PCB with gold immersion finish.
  • RGBS buffered by THS7374 with switch to toggle the LPF.
  • Dipswitch to toggle buttons 4,5,6 on/off from the jamma edge.
  • 3/4 player controller hat now available as a separate accessory. Includes a pre-built harness for CPS2. Other harnesses are entirely possible however at this stage I won’t be making them.
  • 4 x separate video hats available. Composite video and s-video with 3.5mm audio jack, composite video with RCA audio jacks, s-video with RCA audio jacks and VGA with 3.5mm audio jack.


  • 1 x assembled supergun
  • 1 x video hat of your choosing (listed below in the ‘ACCESSORIES’ section)
  • 4 x brass standoff feet
  • 1 x arcade PSU harness
  • Worldwide registered shipping
  • $185 AUD / $135 USD / €120 Euros

* Payment to be made in Australian dollars. Other currencies listed only for reference and may alter pending the exchange rate.


* No additional shipping charges when purchased with a supergun.

* Spend $75 or more on accessories with the purchase of a supergun and receive a $25 discount.

* Prices listed in Australian dollars.

  • Composite and s-video with 3.5mm audio hat – $25
  • Composite video with twin RCA audio hat – $25
  • S-video with twin RCA audio hat – $25
  • VGA with 3.5mm audio hat – $25
  • Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 6 button controller adapter – $25
  • Super Nintendo controller adapter – $25
  • 3P/4P adapter with CPS2 harness – $25
  • CPS1 kick harness – $10
  • CPS2 kick harness – $10