RetroTINK 4K: Price and Release Date Announced

Mike Chi has just announced that the RetroTINK 4K will be available in early December for $750 plus shipping.  It will come with a remote similar to the RT5x’s newly released “premium remote” and launch with a mature firmware.  More details in the post:

Product Page:

Now, of course, trolls will be loosing their minds over the price.  Which baffles me:  I’ve heard speakers that were $250,000 each.  They were amazing, but I’m more than happy with my sub-$500 speakers.  Not only am I not mad that high-end options exist, I truly appreciate them and understand why someone with the extra money would buy them.  And that’s the same with the RT4K:  You can just get a free CRT and connect your consoles via RF for an excellent experience.  Or, you can buy cheaper scalers like the OSSC or RT5x and still have an awesome flat-panel gaming experience.  I’ll have videos soon that try to explain which scaler is for you, as well as more videos highlighting why you might want to spend the extra money on the RT4K…but if you’d like a “sneak peek”, check out the original “introduction” video I did below.

I also want to address my “mature firmware” statement:  The RT4K has been in beta testing for almost a year and Mike’s been collaborating with some of the best and smartest people in the retro gaming scene.  While no product of this caliber could ever launch “perfect”, it’s important people know that they’re essentially getting a product that’s “been out for a year”.  Countless features have been tweaked and added, bugs have been fixed and it will come loaded with custom profiles for many consoles.  This is the first scaler to ever launch with so much testing and collaboration behind it and I think customers will immediately recognize and appreciate it when they get it.

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