Majyūō: King of Demons – Collector’s Edition

Pre-Orders are now open for an official reprint of Majyūō: King of Demons.  This 2D side-scroller was originally only released in Japan in 1995 for the Super Famicom, making this the first official worldwide release.  The game has been fully translated to English and is selling through multiple online stores (RetroRGB partners listed below).  The price is about $60 plus shipping and it’s due to ship around October of this year.  Pre-orders are only open for about a month, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested:

*Majyūō – NTSC Version
*Majyūō- PAL Version
*Original Cartridges on eBay

Please assume all links are affiliate / #paidlinks that pay RetroRGB a commission on each sale. Even if links are currently not affiliate, I may update them with one, should a partner list that item for sale in the future.

I’m a fan of retro re-releases, when they solve a problem.  I’ve seen a few, where the original carts are cheaper than the new one and those don’t make sense to me.  This seems to be the opposite scenario, as even cartridge-only original copies of Majyūō sell for far more than these official reprints.  If you’re a fan of original cartridges and want to play this one, Retro-Bit’s re-release should be a good option.  Let’s just hope their cartridge PCB quality is as good as the Genesis versions…

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