Wobbling Pixels RT4K Profile Update & Tutorial

Wobbling Pixels has been hard at work on lots more custom profiles for the RetroTINK 4K, as well as a tutorial that shows both why and how to adjust these to your setup.

Download The Profiles:
RetroTINK 4K:

While I truly appreciate the effort it takes to make all of these profiles, I do have my favorites.  First, selfishly, I love the game-specific profiles!  With these, you do stuff like play Star Fox without the black boarders around the entire image and you can even zoom Mario Kart 15x to fill your TV with only the race window;  For an easy way to still navigate the menu’s, simply map the ‘MK menus’ and ‘MK gameplay’ profiles to buttons on your remote and you can toggle on the fly!

Fans of the N64 will really appreciate the S-Video-specific profiles as well!  With these, you get either razor-sharp pixels or CRT mask emulation, simply by connecting a high quality NTSC or PAL S-Video cable, no mod required!!!

Those are just some basic examples though – Download the latest profile from the link above and check them out for yourself!

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