PS1HDMI Progress Update

Christof has been hard at work on the PS1HDMI project and it looks like he’s made some excellent progress!  One of the most impressive features is the ability to switch between 240p and 480i resolution with the potential for zero dropouts.  Not all TV’s and capture cards will react the same to this, but the most common side-effect should be some screen tearing, which is a giant step up from what most PlayStation users go through now when gaming on digital equipment.

Here’s a few other notable things currently at or near completion:

  • Video modes interpolated into the proper 4:3 aspect ratio, upscaling
  • VGA/480p, 960p and 1080p upscaling for NTSC consoles, 576p for PAL
  • Digital-to-digital sound implemented into HDMI (no ADC)
  • WiFi-Based firmware updates (like DCHDMI)
  • OSD

For the full list of current and expected features, check out the main post:


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